Reconnoitering site, local people and Mikongo


Aris and Mike at proposed obs place At Ndjole Between Lib and Kango Break Comeback to Libreville Contrast at Mikongo 2 Country around Ndjole Countryside Coutry side behind the Ayeme Delegation for obs place choosing First picture in Gabon Forest_between trees From Lib to La Lope_1 From Lib to La Lope_shop Good bye Jay and Aris Jay and La Lope rangers Kango Kango_bar La Lope hotel Libreville street Libreville street_2 Mango tree at La Lope Mark and Michael at first obs place Mikongo 2 Mikongo 2_girl Mikongo 2_invitation Mikongo_2_dancers Mikongo_dancers MtBrazza on Nov 3 Ndjole filling station Ogooue river River crocodile and Zophia Road behind Ayeme bridge Road construction Sahara Street market before Ndjole The equator Transgabonese railway after Ndjole

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